Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Writing and Raising a Kid (I won't call it "parenthood")

Anything with a "hood" attached scares me, including my old Lincoln Town Car, so here and following will be thoughts on the mental high-wire act of writing semi-seriously while semi-seriously raising a child (young or old). Welcome are everyone's ruminations and advice.


  1. I like this blog. It is a good idea. Thanks for the general invite on FB to add to this. I will comment on making art while trying to raise a child. I know this, I worked in a new way once Isaac came. At first it was not at all and then I learned that I was not entitled or maybe just not allowed to three or four hour stretches to draw and paint. So I learned a new way to work. I kept the thoughts going in my head but ran to my "studio" for a few brief minutes at a time putting a layer of paint down or perhaps erasing something. Eventually I created a new body of work in time it would have normally taken to create five. Then I had this great show of all of these pieces that I was more proud of than any work I had ever done...and the damn building burned down. So now I am getting ready for baby #2 and a new series of flame retardant work.

  2. Hey, Diane.

    That doesn't count as an artisitic flame-out due to parental responsibilities. Can't wait to see more of your work. We only have one Worth Doty on hanging in our place, but it's my favorite piece in the house.

    I haven't lost anything to fire yet, but I'm waiting for the day when Bradley destroys the first manuscript. Maybe destruction by juice.


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