Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Pre-Parent Vision

Friends, here is something I wrote just before the advent of our son Bradley. Is this a metaphorically prescient grasp of parenthood?

Their Little Ears are Sensitive

Consider this when you plan your trip.
Stuff your little ones with cotton balls,
to keep their ears from popping.

Their little bums are sensitive.
Lay in loads of aloe for the bumpy trip
over the Ambibian mountains,

because their little feet are expensive.
If they shatter, the sound is startling.

Their little hands are starting to reach
for the controls. Slap them down
and scream louder than they can.

Their little grips are like vices
you have when they aren’t looking,

and your little face is a pliable board.
They hold you in some kind of place.

Their little minds are like sponges.
Remember to wring them out.

Their little heads wobble,
so secure them, with tape if need be,
or teach them to focus

their little eyes on a single finger
you flash like a knife
you should never leave out,

because their little wills
are stronger than yours.

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